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Best Worst Canadian Merchant Account Providers

Best Worst Canadian Merchant Account Providers

Are you a small business in Canada and you need merchant services like Interac and credit card processing and don’t know where to go? Online is misleading at best, and countless payment processing companies make promises they can’t keep. Here’s the truth from some people who have worked with and for countless questionable companies and landed at First Data. If you want the REAL dirt on these companies, this is an excellent source.

Major Banks (Moneris; RBC/BMO, TDCanadaTrust

Banks are great.. They are well established, reliable, and have longevity.. You certainly don’t have to worry about calling on Monday and worrying about them going bankrupt and skipping town. 

That being said, in order to be approved, you need to have a pretty stellar credit rating. And, much like anything else in the world, you get what you pay for, so you will be paying premium rates to work with the biggest, best,  and most established in the industry.

If you are primarily doing business in Canada, there’s no point in approaching Chase for credit card processing, as they are an American company, without a single Canadian office.

Helcim, as a matter of fact, is a reseller of Elavon, which is an American company without a single Canadian office. 

Merchant maverick, Frank Kehl is a reseller of Elavon, which is an American company without a single Canadian office. 


First Data might be an option for those of you who have or will face rejection by the major banks for POS terminals. They have excellent customer service, tech support, swipe rates, and machines when it comes to independent companies. Basically, they offer everything a bank does, but they offer it to more customers, and at a lower rate.

Helcim has lower rates than the fly-by-night company, KIS, which isn’t any better than they are. They should be your last resort. They are all bait and switch situations filled with misleading information, broken promises and hidden charges. They advertise one deal and deliver quite the opposite. In THEORY, they can promise to PERSONALLY keep you free of a lease, but they hand you a machine from a leasing company that will continue to charge you monthly fees for up to four years. The service is garbage because the turnover rates are insane.. Reps don’t get paid, even after getting endless grief from disappointed and angry customers. The reps don’t even get the full story, so they believe they are telling you the truth only to discover later that they are essentially part of a scam they are selling to innocent people for little or no commission or pay. 

Square is great if you don’t need to get paid for three months. It’s the sort of company that would be ideal for someone who already has a day job, but sells bananas at a flea market on weekends for extra cash. The percentage the company takes is double what you would pay to First Data, or even to the terrible last-resort providers.

The list goes on.. PandaPay Merchant Services advertises low rates and doesn’t deliver. People sign a lease and suffer long-term. Royal Debit, to be frank, are liars. They offer free terminals, but there is nothing free about them. Clients are misled about rates. The people who run it just have questionable morals, and you can’t believe a word they say.  Royal Debit is a reseller of Elavon, which is an American company without a single Canadian office.

In conclusion, go with a major bank if you have the credit rating and extra money to pour into the costly sense of security. If you want similar customer service, quality, and satisfaction for a fraction of the cost, First Data is your best bet by far. They have an office in Mississauga, so you aren’t dealing with customer service overseas with little or no understanding of credit card processing in Toronto or simply doing business in Canada. is run by Paul Murton. He runs the website a little bit like a payment processing dating service, trying to pinpoint ideal long-term merchant account relationship goals and match the small and home business Canadian clients and companies perfectly, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved. 

Reps first data, elavon, pivotal payments/nuvei, global payments and a high risk merchant service called people’s credit

Online services, for which he provides personalized e-commerce websites….is a reseller of PayPal, which is an American company without a single Canadian office.

Murton is a salesman for the various Canadian credit card processing companies; He helps increase sales when the economy dictates that the calls just aren’t’ coming in on their own. All of these merchant services companies have a mandate to reach a particular quota, inspiring them to run deals including new and free machines and reduced rates. Because Paul is not legally obligated to one specific company, as he is contracted as a commission-based sales representative, Paul has access to the best possible credit card processing deals at the exact time that each client requires merchant services. He has been in the industry for 20 years now, since 2001, and is knowledgeable about each and every company in his roster. If you call any of these companies individually, they are all going to tell you that they are the best and the cheapest, with the lowest swipe rates, but Paul has no reason to mislead you. He will make a commission only if your contract works out to your satisfaction, so it’s in HIS best interest to lead you to the best solution for your business. Word-of-mouth is the best way to increase business for Paul personally, as a small business owner in Toronto. He wants to give you what you want and need out of a merchant provider so you recommend him to your friends and associates. Paul Murton’s commission is a one-time thing.. There are no residual or hidden fees on Paul’s part after you’ve signed the contract.

***Nuvei/Pivotal is offering a free machine for the life of your and your business that provides credit card processing and Interac. Qualified rate 1.17%, Non-Qualified rate 0.40%, Debit 3.5 cents, with a low monthly fee of $7. (Banks charge $10-12 PLUS rental of your POS terminal $40 for wired, $70 for wireless, so it’s a substantial savings each month!)

+Please be advised that Paul is introducing and securing your contract with the merchant provider.. The relationship beyond the initial sale is between you and the provider, so please ensure you read and understand the small print as Paul does not have the power to alter the terms of your contract. 

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